Building an micro business is difficult without a startup capital, but a bit easier than building a physical business. Also, the competition in the micro business arena is a lot tougher nowadays. You need to do considerable legwork if you want to make a difference.


If you want to launch your micro business with your new personal loan, here are some initial strategies that you have to work on:

Find Your Niche

Many entrepreneur wannabes build their online businesses without ‘niching down’ properly. This is a big mistake because the market is already diverse with thousands of niches and competitors. Finding your niche is an important process that involves research and cross-checking of facts. You also need to understand the multiple layers of the market. As long as you know your niche, you can navigate the sea of competition properly.

Make a Realistic Business Plan

Knowing your niche is one thing, but figuring out a realistic plan is another issue. The entrepreneur’s path is filled with ideas that are somehow far-fetched. Ideas are raw, so you need to refine them with a plan. Determine your challenges and opportunities so you can see the road ahead.

Invest in Scaling Marketing Options

Some experts may tell you that marketing shouldn’t be your focus in the early stages of your business. Don’t listen to them – the earlier you invest in marketing, the greater your success will be. You must understand that marketing is never static. It continues to evolve depending on the state of the market and psyche of consumers. Since marketing is scaling, you must prepare your budget. Keep your capital growing so that you can fund all marketing efforts.

Monitor Early Business Growth

Growth monitoring is also another important process that you can’t neglect. By focusing on your business growth, you’d see how your initiatives and strategies are playing out. Every decision you make can now launch your business towards the peaks of success – one step at a time.

Launching your micro business in the Philippines off the ground is actually the easy part. The real challenge is all about sustaining the business for the years to come. On top of that, you should repay the personal loan and other debts that you used as capital.