The Philippine market is full of many outsourcing providers that can provide what you need. The big question is – how to select the right one for you?.

If you are new to this practice and want to try if outsourcing is good for your business, you can follow this typical approach:

Create a Project Specification

You can join any service marketplaces like Twago, Elance, oDesk, or UpWork. Create an account then post the details of the project that you want to be done. Write a good project description and submit a Request-for-Proposal (RFP).

You have two options to invite outsourcing service providers:

  1. Invite a select group and request a proposal from each of them.
  2. Let the platform suggests service providers that match your required skills or expertise.

Evaluate the service providers in Philippines

When you have a final shortlist of qualifiers of outsource staffing in Philippines, begin the evaluation process. Check their individual profiles and other information that they include in their proposals. Review the company’s history or personal work history, skills, and reviews of previous clients. Research about their previous performances of delivering services.

Selection of the best supplier

Evaluate the proposals. Eliminate bids that are unacceptable, focus on the remaining proposals to make quantitative and qualitative analyses to find out if the suppliers match your criteria. Then, select the most qualified to do the project.

Negotiate and conclude the contract

Talk to discuss the details of the project with your chosen outsourcing service provider. Know that he fully understand what you need up to the last detail. If possible, set up the project management process as well as tools. Negotiate about pricing and other conditions. Once you are both satisfied, conclude the contract.

Ask for regular updates of the project status such as outsourced data entry work. Encourage him to ask questions or matters pertaining to the project. Building an open and harmonious relationship with your service provider in Philippines is the key to a successful outsourcing venture.